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To be the premier university affiliated applied research center for the development and testing of autonomous vehicle related technology.

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Advanced Mobility Institute

Our mission is focused on three areas, Research, Partnerships, and Economic Development. We aim to coordinate research and partnerships in the burgeoning industry of autonomous vehicles, as well as stimulate economic development. Our goal is to be at the center point of larger proposals with the federal government and the state of Florida. We will achieve that through partnerships with industry leader like Suntrax, among others, and suppliers like Intel, nVidia, etc. We will stimulate the economic development of the industry by enabling functions for Florida industries and research parks.

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Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of Driving...

(01/16/2019) It’s no secret that the new Advanced Mobility Institute at Florida Polytechnic University plays a role in researching autonomous vehicles, or, as most of us know them, driverless cars.But its focus spans much further, researching and testing experimental unmanned and connected systems technology in agriculture, senior-citizen and planned communities, public transportation and more.And that could benefit you and me when we no longer need a car, meaning no car payments, lower insurance rates for those who opt to own a vehicle, and the like. It will take time, but most everyone agrees we’ll get there, especially when attitudes change.Continue Reading here

Driving without drivers: Orlando is rising...

(01/09/2019) As the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando has earned a global reputation for bringing futuristic innovation to life. Not only does Orlando’s status as one of the top travel destinations in the world fuel our tourism industry, but it also supports our robust network of technology specialists, engineers, software designers and more who power Orlando’s theme park experiences. With the talent needed to innovate already in place, Orlando officials and local partners are leveraging the region’s theme park expertise to bring a new kind of future technology to life – autonomous vehicles.Continue Reading here

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