Autonomous vehicles impact on the agriculture industry.

It's tempting to overlook agriculture when discussing AV technology. But there are more applications than you might believe. Commercial drones are already in place, using sensors to assess the need for fertilization, irrigation, crop health, crop maturity and productivity potential. On the horizon are robots capable of monitoring, cultivating and harvesting crops 24/7, with little or no human labor involvement.

In the short term, sensors and automation hold promise for Florida agricultural industries long dependent upon troublesome labor politics and economics. AV related technology will allow surveying, planting, maintaining and harvesting of crops at levels of efficiency never before seen.

The dozen[KPM6] C-level executives attending the Executive Summit were audience to a presentation by Gary Wishnaski, president and CEO of Wishnaski Strawberry Farms in Plant City, Florida. The company grows, harvests, packs and ships strawberries throughout the United States.

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